click the radio button below and press OK:

Runtime mode
Point to the update file and press "Send to Device"


IMPORTANT: Google Chrome version 61 or newer is required for this update. Pc users are required to install drivers. (details below)

-Download and Launch zadig
-Click Options>List All Devices
-Choose Twist or SlimSynth from the list
-Click Install Driver leaving the settings at default (WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385))
After a few seconds you should get a confirmation that the driver was installed, now you can update your device!

How to update
To enter boot mode,
1: Put the power switch in the left position (Slimsynths only).
2: Hold the RUN or PLAY button.
3: Connect your device to the computer via usb.
4: Release RUN or PLAY after a couple seconds.
5: On the website click connect, choose "TWIST or Slimsynth - Paired" from the list, click connect
6: click the radio button and click OK
7: click choose file, point to the update file, click open
8: Click "Send to Device"
9: DONE!