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Acid8 on the go!

µAcid8 is a portable 8Bit bass-line synthesizer borrowing the characterful wavetable engine from acid8 and the essential elements of its highly praised step sequencer.

µAcid8 features some new tricks including transposition automation, filter wobbler, stutter and vinyl spin-down effects.

µAcid8 requires only two AAA batteries and can be synced to external instruments and pocket operators.


  • USB-MIDI (sync, notes and parameter modulation)
  • Dedicated VST/AU plugin for full DAW integration
  • 18 Buttons
  • 32 Leds
  • 6 high quality potentiometers
  • Arp Fx with variable depth and decay time
  • Filter Wobble with variable speed and depth
  • Crush Fx with variable depth
  • Pattern Copy/Pasting
  • Variable VCA decay (note length)
  • Tap tempo, variable Swing
  • Patterns can reset at any step (1-16 step pattern lengths)
  • Variable pulse-width (for square waveforms)
  • 12 sounds: Square, Saw and Triangle each in 4 flavors (Normal, Distorted, Fat/Detuned, Harmonized/Techno).
  • 3 levels of LED brightness (Beach, Studio, Club)
  • Live recording, key change and pattern chaining
  • Audio and Sync input and output chaining (compatible with PO sync modes)
  • Runs on 2x AAA batteries (auto led dimming for power saving) or MICRO-USB
  • Requires a stereo 3.5mm splitter cable like this to plug into a mixer or sound interface


  • Q:How do I copy/paste a pattern?
    A:Hold SLIDE and press OCT- to copy and OCT+ to paste
  • Q:The briefly LEDS go out when I stop the sequencer – is something wrong?
    A:This is normal and occurs when the memory is updated (a few seconds after the sequencer is stopped when a change has been made).
  • Q:No Sound comes out when I use a mono jack on the output
    A: Please use a stereo 3.5mm splitter cable like this to plug into a mixer or sound interface, or headphones
  • A: The sequencer won’t start (nothing is connected to the left jack)!
    A: Please check that it isn’t in slave mode (hold slide+lowest note to return to master, stereo out)
  • Q: Unit doesn’t power up in battery mode!
    A: Please ensure that the battery ends and contacts are clean, spinning the battery a little in its clip can help make contact



Plugin 1.0 (Mac Au + Windows Vst)

MIDI implementation chart

PDF manual

Superbooth Demo curtesy of AA Battery, Thanks!

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