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hapiNes is a multitrack chiptune synthesizer inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip found in the NES games console.

The 4 voices allow you to create authentic sounding tunes in real time!


  • USB-MIDI (sync, notes and parameter modulation)
  • Dedicated VST/AU plugin for full DAW integration
  • 4 tracks for real-time composing
  • Authentic triangle bass
  • 2 squares with variable pulsewidth
  • 59 synthesized preset drum sounds + 1 self-evolving drum sound
  • 16 arpeggiator modes with variable speed
  • Vibrato with variable depth and speed
  • 18 Buttons
  • 32 Leds
  • 6 high quality potentiometers
  • 16 pattern memory
  • 3 levels of LED brightness (Beach, Studio, Club)
  • Live recording, key change and pattern chaining (up to 16 patterns/ 256 steps)
  • Pattern copy/pasting
  • Ratcheting (up to 4 hits per step)
  • Reset on any step (1-16 step patterns)
  • Audio and Sync input and output chaining (compatible with PO sync modes)
  • Runs on 2x AAA batteries (auto led dimming for power saving) or MICRO-USB
  • Requires a stereo 3.5mm splitter cable like this to plug into a mixer or sound interface


  • Q:How do I copy/paste a pattern?
    A:Hold SLIDE and press OCT- to copy and OCT+ to paste
  • Q:The briefly LEDS go out when I stop the sequencer – is something wrong?
    A:This is normal and occurs when the memory is updated (a few seconds after the sequencer is stopped when a change has been made).
  • Q:No Sound comes out when I use a mono jack on the output
    A: Please use a stereo 3.5mm splitter cable like this to plug into a mixer or sound interface, or headphones
  • A: The sequencer won’t start (nothing is connected to the left jack)!
    A: Please check that it isn’t in slave mode (hold slide+lowest note to return to master, stereo out)
  • Q: Unit doesn’t power up in battery mode!
    A: Please ensure that the battery ends and contacts are clean, spinning the battery a little in its clip can help make contact



Plugin 1.0 (Mac Au + Windows Vst)

MIDI implementation chart

PDF manual


Superbooth Demo curtesy of AA Battery, Thanks!