therapSid will return with a vengeance early 2017, it is progressively advancing at a safe pace. please contact us for more info

bare pcb of MKII prototype
bare pcb of MKII prototype


LATEST UPDATE: Feb16 2017. Final Enclosure in production ETA for release Mid March






SID under full control

Named after a vicious dinosaur, its sound is no less aggressive.
TherapSid has evolved to create roaring noises that will cut through your mix like razor-sharp claws through a mammoth steak.

So why do you need another synth, since they already take 90% of the space in your room and your significant other keeps complaining about it?

Well, what sets TherapSid apart from other SID based synths is its focus on control. Instead of getting confused by lcds and damaging your eyesight trying to read tiny sub menu fonts, this instrument features no less than 35 knobs and 31 buttons to give you full power over your sound.

TherapSid is lovingly handcrafted in the south of France and features a backlit front panel, walnut side-panels and comes with 100 presets to get you started. You can assign LFOs to knobs with one push of a button or sequence “snapshots” of knob positions using the flexible 16 step sequencer, enough to keep you busy until the next ice age.

TherapSid is available either with pre-installed and tested 6581 or without SID (if you already have your own).

We have a very limited stock of 6581 SIDS so don’t wait until they go extinct and order yours right now!


TherapSid is compatible with all variations of the SID chip including 6581, 8550 (6582) & Swinsid and it is simple to install your own.

The unit is configured to provide the correct voltages and the necessary filter capacitors for both generations are included.





-Compatible with all SIDS

-3 Oscillators, 4 waveforms per osc.

-Multimode Filter

-35 Knobs

-31 Buttons

-SID pcb isolated from main pcb (less noise)

-Switched audio input for running signals through the filter!

-100 Presets

-3 Lfos: 4 waveforms, 12 target knobs

-16 Step Modulator: sequence up to 20 knob positions, per step in a snap!
Also modulate Ring Mod, Sync and Waveform for all voices.

-Pedal Glide: enable/disable glide with the sustain pedal

-Compatible with our free app for iPad (pending app store approval), Mac, Pc & Linux (download)

-Fully midi automated (see midi spec. chart in manual)

-Future proof: Firmware updates via sysex




V 3.7 Apr28th 2015 

V 2.0 nov4th 2014 



Download the uncompressed unaffected 96k version



TherapSid StepMod app 1.0 (Windows/Mac/Linux)